Jardiance vs Januvia: Which one is better and cheap for Diabetes Treatment?

Glucose is one element that powers our bodies. But, a high level of glucose level can also harm our body in multiple ways. Slowly it degenerates our internal organs and reduces their capability. Diabetes is one disease where a patient suffers from high glucose levels in the blood.

There are several medicines available in the market that fights diabetes. Remember that none of the drugs can cure diabetes. Diabetes is a life-long medical condition that one can keep in control with the help of medications. Januvia and Jardiance are some of the top drugs in this genre. Let’s take a closer look and see the details of Jardiance vs Januvia. Learn how these medicines work and which one is better and cheap for diabetes treatment?

Jardiance and its effectiveness

This medicine is usually a doctor’s first choice for type-2 diabetic patients only. For starters, there are two types of diabetic conditions (type 1 and type 2). Doctors often prescribe this medicine along with insulin and a strict diet and exercise regime. How does Jardiance work? This medicine decreases glucose reabsorption capacity of blood and filters out excess glucose through the kidney. Those who take Jardiance for diabetes treatment can experience up to 25 mg/dL decrease in the blood sugar level with a reduction in body weight (a positive factor). This drug is one of the high efficient drugs in the market. It also reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases in type 2 diabetic patients by 38%. The price per pill is $18.5, without insurance.


This medicine increases the release of gastrointestinal hormones, breaks down glucose molecules in the pancreas, and maintains the optimal level of glucose in the bloodstream. Last year almost nine million Americans purchased Januvia for diabetes treatment. Januvia helps in reducing the A1C level by a maximum of 0.6% within a few months. This level determines how your body controls the sugar level. The maximum price of Januvia is $16.79 per pill, without insurance.

Dosage difference

When comparing Jardiance vs Januvia, you have to understand these two medicines are entirely different, and their dosage for each patient is different too. The recommended dosage of Jardiance is just 10 mg. The patient can take this medicine with/without food in the morning.
However, the dosage of Januvia comes in 100 mg tablet form. Depending upon the glucose level, a physician prescribes the right amount of dosage for the patient. Now a diabetic patient can order Jardiance and Januvia cash on delivery for treatment.
It is best to take the dosage daily on time and never skip in any condition. In case of overdosage, contact the nearest medical professional for emergency assistance.

Side effects

The most common side effect of Jardiance is UTI and yeast infection. Dizziness, fatigue, depression, and decreased amount of urination are some of the severe side effects. Common side effects of Januvia are respiratory infection, dizziness, fatigue, painful sores, confusion, drowsiness, and so on. The incidence and severity of the side effects depend on underlying medical conditions too. For instance, a person with kidney problems would experience swelling in the leg, chest pain, and confusion while using any of the two drugs. Thus only a doctor can determine the right choice between Jardiance vs Januvia. Also, talk to your doctor about the other drugs you consume before you choose to buy Jardiance COD online.