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What is Prandin used for. Prandin is used to treat the 2 (second) diabetes mellitus (the body don’t use insulin normally and therefore can’t control blood sugar condition). Prandin helps the body to regulate the amount of glucose (sugar). It stimulates the pancreas to release insulin reduces the amount of glucose.

Use Prandin by mouth 20 (twenty) minutes before your food at any time. If you miss a food, you must leave prandin dose. If you add an extra food, you need to make additional Prandin dose. Don’t take it more or less, or more often liken it to the label on the package instructions. Continue use and Buy Prandin, even if you feel good.

Prandin 0.5 mg necessary to patients who didn’t receive antidiabetic treatment before or have less than 8% of hemoglobin A 1c measurements. For people who had treatment by anti-diabetic drugs and have hemoglobin A 1c measurements more than 8% will probably be prescribed to use Prandin 1 mg or Prandin 2 mg. Prandin 4 mg is the max dose before your food. Max daily Prandin dosage is 16 mg.

Drug Class and Mechanism

Prandin is an anti-diabetic drug. It works by reducing blood glucose (sugar) by stimulating the release of insulin from the pancreas gland. Prandin doesn’t work with type 1 (first) diabetes, because the pancreas gland isn’t capable of making insulin.

Missed Dose

If you miss Prandin mg dose, You need to skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule.


Store Prandin at temperature below 770 F (250 C) and away from light and moisture.

Safety Information

Don’t use Prandin if:

– you are having gemfibrozil treatment now.
– you are allergic to any additives of Prandin.
– you have type 1 (first) diabetes mellitus.

Connect your doctor if you have any of the mentioned conditions.

Side Effects

Like almost every other drug, Buying Prandin can cause side effects, that you need to know. The biggest part in the patients treatment of diabetes receiving Prandin treatment experiences either no or minor side effects from Prandin. However, some patients can have serious side effects from Prandin and need urgent medical attention. You must know what side effects are and how minor side effects can be.

Minor Prandin Side Effects:

– increased hunger.

– increased heartbeat.

– headache, nervousness, sweating, fatigue and tremors.

– vision changes.

– diarrhea.

– joint pain in the back.

– nasal or chest congestion.

Serious Prandin Side Effects:

– serious allergic reaction.

– chest pain.

– tumor of the mouth and face, rash, swelling, breathing difficulties.

If you have any serious side effects, seek emergency medical assistance immediately. In addition, you need to contact your doctor, if diabetes symptoms get worse or do not improve.

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