Lidocaine patch (Lidoderm) 14cm x 10cm 5% strength


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About Lidocaine patch

There are a number of pain relievers (Lidocaine patch) available in the market. Most of them are used after doctor’s prescription and some are generally used without a doctor’s consultation. Lidocaine Patches are a type of reliever. These patches are used mainly for local anesthetic purposes. It stops nerves from generating a sense of pain and sends it to the body parts. Nowadays, it is easy to buy Lidocaine Patch online at affordable prices. The application of these patches is always mentioned on the packet so it’s become very easy to use it properly to get the best results. The proper application is depending on proper guidance.

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Correct usage of Lidocaine Patches

Though you can order Lidocaine patch at cheap price through the online stores without a doctor’s prescription, it’s very essential to know the proper application of those drugs to get the desired result and get relief from pain. The patches are applied to the skin. It is essential to follow the instructions correctly while using them. It can be applied only once a day when the requirement is high. If you buy Lidocaine Patch online with a doctor’s prescription, the doctor will explain the application of those patches. The without prescription buyers should have a talk with the nearest pharmacists.

It’s better to use these patches only after doctor’s prescription so that they can guide the number of patches can be used at a time and wearing duration as well. They generally suggest that the patches should be used more than three at a time and the duration should not exceed 12 hours. Using many patches in along duration can cause severe side effects which are really not desirable.

The proper steps to apply Lidocaine Patches

People preferably buy Lidocaine Patch over the counter so that they can get the proper guidance live from the pharmacists which they find more reliable. So here are the steps that are to be followed while using Lidocaine Patches.

  1. Check the skin before application. Any cut or any kind of broken or blisters should be present in that area. Else the patch cannot be applied.
  1. Cut the outer sealed package with the help of scissors then pull the next zipper seal apart.
  1. Buy Lidocaine Patch online and take out the required patches up to three and then seal the zipper again properly. else the remaining patches may get dried-up and become useless for the next purposes.
  1. Adjust or cut the patches according to the size of the area, so that it will stick properly and do not create any problems throughout the application process.
  1. The next step is to peel off the transparent liner at the back of the patches.
  1. Then press and stick the patches on the required area. Don’t let Lidocaine get into the eyes if it happens accidentally then wash the eyes with water or saline solution. If the patches are applied on the face then little carefulness is a must.
  1. Wash hands with soap after you finish applying the patches.
  1. This is a very important point to remember. People can get Lidocaine Patch Cash on delivery and the patches are for one-time use only. Don’t try to reuse them. Moreover, the used patches need to be kept away from little kids and pets, else it can cause serious health issues.

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