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Rizact 10mg is a medicine prescribed for the treatment of migraines in adults. This medicine contracts the blood vessels in the brain and reduces many symptoms of a migraine attack. This medicine comes in tablet form and only used for oral consumption. This medicine is classified as the triptan class. As mentioned before, this medicine works on relief from symptoms of migraine and does not help to reduce or avoid migraine headaches.

 How does Rizact 10mg work?

This medicine contains Rizatriptan. This medicine reduces the effect of migraine headaches. Rizatriptan is a substance that activates the 5-HT1 receptor. By activating this receptor, this medicine reduces the severity of migraine pain and sensitivity to sound and light. Consult with your doctor if you are suffering from migraine attacks, with his recommendation you can buy Rizact 10mg online.

Dosage details of Rizact 10mg

According to various human tests, doctors conclude that the effect of this medicine varies from patient to patient. Effect of this medicine depends upon the age and the medical condition of the patient. Therefore, it is recommended to take doctors’ opinions before you buy Rizact 10mg online.

Whether you order Rizact generic or branded, you get the same composition in both variants of drugs. According to various medical researchers, it has been found that this medicine takes on average 30 minutes to take action. The recommended dose of this medicine for adults is 10mg. If the symptoms recur, then with 2 hours interval, a further dose of 10 mg can be taken. In a day, the maximum consumption amount of this medicine should not exceed more than 30mg in total. The doctor prescribes this medicine on an as-needed basis. They recommend consuming this medicine only when the patient suffers from a severe migraine attack.

Who should not take medicine?

  1. This medicine is not for children; they should not consume this medicine without the supervision of doctors or health professionals.
  2. Do not consume this medicine if you have a history of cardiovascular disease. This medicine may increase the risk of cardiovascular attacks in such patients.
  3. This medicine is not recommended to those patients who have uncontrolled hypertension.
  4. Unless necessary, this medicine is not recommended for use in pregnant women or nursing mothers. If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, discuss the risk factor with your doctor before you buy Rizact 10mg online.
  5. Do not consume this medicine if you have a known allergy to rizatriptan.

How to take Rizact 10mg?

A patient can consume this medicine with or without food. It is recommended to swallow the medicine, and not to chew, crush or break it. You should follow the doctor’s prescribed method at the time of taking this medicine. This medicine is available in online pharmacies, and you can buy Rizact cash on delivery.

According to the clinical test in the laboratory, it has been found that this medicine interacts with Fluvoxamine, Ondansetron, Propranolol, Almotriptan, Nefazodone. Consult with your doctor if you take any of these above mention medicines. With his permission, you can order Rizact 10mg COD online. The interaction of this medicine with Alcohol is unknown. Do not consume this medicine twice within 2 hours. In case of overdose, contact the nearest hospital immediately.


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